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Tampa Bay Wedding Rentals

Tampa Bay is one of the fastest growing cities in America and for good reason. With all of the great landscapes, beaches, and historical buildings that surround the Tampa Bay area it is no surprise that happy couples are finding Tampa as a great wedding destination.

Once you are able to decide between one of Tampa’s great beaches, beautiful farms, or one of the other amazing landmarks for your special day, you now have the job of organizing everything that goes into throwing a wedding for all of your family and friends. If not done correctly, this can quickly turn into more of a nightmare than a fairy tale.

That is why we wanted to give you a few great keys that will help walk you through everything that you need to know about Tampa Bay wedding rentals and making sure that you are enjoying the path to your wedding day.


Whether it is and elegant Gold Chiavari or a simple classic white, it is important that the quality of your chairs, tables and other wedding pieces come as promised. The rental business is just that, a rental service, and that means high usage of different pieces. So it is important that you are making sure that you are getting quality pieces that look great and function well.

So before renting for your wedding make sure that you check the quality of the different chairs, tables, tents, etc. This will really help to make sure that your big day goes smoothly and everything is looking how it should.


You wouldn’t believe how many horror wedding stories there are out there where chairs, tables, and even tents are coming in last minute leaving wedding planners and wedding parties scrambling to set up the venue. When it comes to Tampa Bay wedding rentals it is important to make sure that your rental service is reliable and will deliver and tear down at the agreed upon time.

This will save you a ton of stress knowing that everything is going to be handled in a timely manner. You want someone that is going to value your needs and put a high priority reliable service.

Unique Pieces

The right piece can be big or small, and can really give your wedding that extra special unique look that fits your style to a T. With some of the generic larger rental companies it is harder to find some of these different unique pieces that help to give each wedding its own feel and vibe.

However, with rental services that are able to provide unique pieces that are handmade, scouted out at auctions, and passed down from generation to generation, you can really find some beautiful unique pieces like, whiskey barrels, hand crafted tables, chandeliers, and so many other great pieces that will just speak specifically to you when it comes to creating your special day.

Tampa Wedding Rentals Conclusion

There will be a lot of time and thought put into your wedding… a lot. So make sure that you are not adding more time and hassle to your life than you need to. Follow these three tips and you will be on the path to a great wedding day. This will leave you to be able to enjoy what your wedding is really about, celebrating your marriage with all of your closest family and friends.

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